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Enfield Vision

Founded to promote the wellbeing of visually impaired people living in Enfield.

This project was funded by the London Borough of Enfield Capacity Building Fund from January 2013 to September 2015 and enabled us to offer learning free to visually impaired people. We hope to gain further funding to continue this training soon. Please contact us for further information on the status of the project.

IT Learning Project for visually impaired people

If you are a visually impaired person and you wish to learn computer skills, then our IT Learning Project is for you.  We aim to provide visually impaired people an opportunity to learn IT skills to help them excel in the field of work related activity, and to improve their quality of life.

Where is IT Learning provided?

IT Learning is offered at Enfield Vision's Community House office.

What level of IT Learning is offered?

The tutor makes an assessment of what each learner can already do and what they would like to learn, so that the course is tailored to their needs.  The course typically starts with basic typing skills and the use of a screen reader or magnifier, and could go on to include word processing, email, the World Wide Web, and perhaps spreadsheets.

At the end of the course, the IT tutor carries out an assessment of each learners' progress and awards an Attendance Certificate.

How much will it cost?

The grant enables us to offer learning free to visually impaired people, and it is offered every week on a first come first served principle. On joining the IT Learning Project, learners are asked to sign an enrolment form which is an essential requirement of the Grants Programme, and enables us to fund the training.

Why has Enfield Vision started an IT Learning Project?

Because of the recent changes to the benefits rules, visually impaired people below retirement age may be transferred from incapacity benefit to Employment and Support Allowance, with conditions attached for the claimant to be involved in a work related activity.

Further Information

For information on IT Learning Project, or for any other enquiries, please contact us.

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